About us

All POS System

We are distributors, dedicated to the manufacture and import of Point of Sale Terminals (POS), offering solutions for all types of businesses through of
our distribution channel for over 10 years.

We offer the latest equipment necessary to manage any type of
trade, and we have a wide range of products for sectors such as
catering, logistics, traceability industry, banking, food, health, public entities, mobility and identification, and retail.

For this, we have the leading brands in the industry, with authorized resellers
Ejeton, Code Soft, RCH, and Hisense addition to trade agreements with
major Asian manufacturers for the exclusive distribution of its products within
the country.

We also distribute exclusively APPOSTAR products, covering POS, touchscreen monitors, barcode readers, panel PCs, PDAs and Tablets for hotels, ticket printers and cash drawers. It is a high-performance equipment, high performance and affordable price.

Address, contact numbers and e-mail

Calle Cordoba, 19 Fuengirola 29640 Málaga. Spain.

Phone: +34 952 58 73 58

Mobile: +34 678 892 840

Email: info@allpossystem.com

We will be available to assist you with any questions that may arise from them.